Rain or shine, business confidence equals better performance

National headlines will tell you that New Zealand business confidence is either up or down, but you don’t have to be subject to the unexpected or inexplicable changes of the economy or the markets (or politicians) if you have a plan backed by quality data.

Working with MGB Advisory means peace of mind and a better night’s sleep for you because you’ll know where your business is at now, and – step-by-step – where it’s going in the future.

MGB Advisory services

  • Financial insights – what the numbers tell and what to do about it
  • Strategic focus – forward planning, structure, certainty and vision
  • Performance – new systems, processes and mechanisms to make you more profitable
  • People – hire good staff, improve productivity and retain the right people in the right places
  • Marketing – towards improved sales, better profitability and great customer service
  • Finances – advance your revenue, profitability and cash flow goals.

What that really means is confidence:
The personal confidence to grow your business – confidence from your bank manager, your staff, your suppliers and your customers –and the confidence that comes from being in control and moving ahead.

Business advisory

Why half your decisions may be ineffective or wasteful

“I ask people what they do in sales, how much money they made last year, what their cost of sales is, and they don't even know. If you don't know your numbers, you're going out of business. I don't care how good your product is.” – Tilman Fertitta, billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Landry’s, Inc.

Studies show that half of all business decisions are either ineffective, wasteful or unable to elicit the buy-in to make them workable because they lack proper insights. Management accounts will trump gut instinct every time. Founded out of one of New Zealand’s most successful chartered accounting practices, MGB Advisory offers all services in management accounts and insights, including:

  • Monthly Budgets and Cashflow Statements
  • Personalised, graphic trend reports
  • Measurement of actuals against your plan and previous performance

As important as the good data and information necessary for robust reporting, is the quality of your insights into the numbers and their meaning because it could be the difference between paralysis or real business momentum in the right direction.


Research reveals cash flow is the number one reason why businesses fail

Research suggests that more than 82% of business failures are a result of poor cash flow or a failure to understand how cash flow contributes to the performance of the company.

MGB Advisory’s Financial X-Ray is one of the proprietary business diagnostic tools that measures and reports – in one page – a summary of your business performance and results.

Based on the DuPont Methodology – working capital plus fixed assets equal debt and equity – MGB Advisory re-states your balance sheet, measuring movement and working capital to reflect exactly where your money is going and how you can free up more cash.

At MGB Advisory, we don’t just talk about cash flow. We have the tools, insights and know-how to free up cash in your business so that you can grow with or without the bank’s help – it’s your choice.

Cash flow management

A little-known secret to beating the pain of compliance and regulation

One of the biggest contributors to the cost and impact of regulation and compliance – besides the actual compliance itself – is the capability of business owners and management to manage regulation.

In short, you can reduce the cost and impact of compliance if you improve your capability to manage it. Compliance and regulation are never going to go away. Like the wind, the rules will always be changing. How you sail with the wind will make all the difference.

Research by Massey University suggests that of all the means to cope with compliance, flexibility is key.

It is MGB Advisory’s business to stay on the cutting edge of compliance and regulation shifts. Our understanding equips us to help your company discover, understand and adapt to the shifting compliance landscape.


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What should you do next?

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  2. After we have listened to you, we will work with you to identify the ideal client service plan for your needs at this current time.
  3. Our upfront proposal – all costs on the table – follows.
  4. Once we have agreed on the way forward, we will begin take action to help you make the next step up.
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Accountability, filling the gaps and finding new solutions

Your reasons for starting a business may be wide and varied – perhaps you recognised an opportunity, wanted greater freedom or you started out as a really good technician. However, the reality is that you can’t be good at everything. You need support. Whether it’s in operations, marketing, financials, HR or just a like-minded sounding board, MGB Advisory can help fill the gaps.

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The tools to give you the insights you need

Having tools like Xero is a good thing, but your inputs will determine the quality of data you get out the other end. Not only can MGB Advisory help you get good quality information from tools like Xero, we’ll also deploy tools like Financial X-Ray – a one-page summary of the business progress and results. Talk to us today about the professional tools MGB Advisory uses to help you take control of your analytics and reporting, cash flow position, receivables, payables and expenses.

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Take our business health test today

Like your body’s temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure, your company has vital signs – revenue, profitability and cash flow – that can be checked, improved and monitored to give you insights on how your business is performing.

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