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MGB Advisory… More than just accountants

We help guide business success by planning, measuring performance and growing profits. The three P’s. We create intelligent financial insights for business owners, give them clarity through the use of simple non-accounting language and build long term relationships that foster trust & support. We give our clients peace of mind, the confidence to grow and banker confidence.

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Are you a business owner? Need help?

Need a better life/work balance? Business require better cashflow? Have a retirement plan?

MGB Advisory can help with all these issues & more. We are not experts in every field but we facilitate & get answers to your issues by the use of our processes & network of connections.

How else do we help? Our help is based on the following principles.

  1. By improving the performance of your business.
  2. By increasing the economic value of your business
  3. We grow & protect the wealth of our business owners.
  4. We effectively & efficiently look after your compliance ,tax & statutory accounting requirements.

“We want business owners to achieve financial freedom to pursue their dreams”


Planning for your future.  What does your future look like?

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  • Strategic reviews
  • One page plans
  • Strategy Map
  • Structures & Governance
  • Tax & finance
  • Strategic Swot
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Change success model & diagnostic
  • GPS diagnostic
  • Now/where/how


How does your performance compare to the plan? How to fine tune the performance?

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  • Financial Xray/Free cash flow analysis
  • Measurements & OKR’s
  • Process Improvement/Continual improvement
  • Build capacity & capability
  • What if & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Sales & marketing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Model canvas
  • Computer systems & Apps.
  • Management accounts
  • Spotlight reporting


Profits should lead to free cashflow - do yours?  If not, why not?

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  • 7 wastes
  • Value creation
  • Risk management plans
  • Succession Planning
  • Wealth planning
  • Life/Work balance
  • Business valuations
  • Leadership development /Growth Hub sessions
  • Budgets & cashflows
  • 3-5 Year one page plans

No surprises! Pricing plans for your business for the stage you’re at

Start-up? Growing? Mature? Selling?
MGB Advisory doesn’t bill by the clock because the goal is to make sure you have peace of mind and certainty in your business. Instead, talk to us about doing an assessment of your needs so that we can customise a package that is right for you and your business at this time.


Common needs of a start-up include essential accounts services and cashflow. MGB Advisory helps you get what you need.




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Good quality data and information to inform your decisions, free cashflow, debtors and creditors management are core to the needs of a growing company.




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Coping with increased competition and copycats? Profit margins being squeezed? Need more sales? Want to innovate or expand? Or want to step away from day-to-day operational control? This is the business improvement plan…




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This is the plan that can help control your assets, look after your wealth and give you an investment strategy for the future.




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How To Fund Business Growth Without The Handbrake Of Bank Debt – Even If You Are Up To Your Eyeballs In Debt Right Now

With bank in passenger seat...


  • They want to ride along in the passenger seat and approve your journey in advance
  • They reserve the right to claim their petrol money back at any time
  • They want their petrol money back with interest
  • They are bossy, never let you forget who paid for the petrol and talk the whole time. If you had an ejector seat (like James Bond) you’d use it.

Without bank in passenger seat...


  • Company X was profitable but reliant on expensive bank funding.
  • By ejecting the Bank’s one sided conditions and interest costs, Company X increased profits in 5 months (50% more than whole of first year).
  • Within 18 months they had paid off bank debt, paid taxes and grown capital and profits.
  • 2 years ago company owed $1.2m now have cash in bank and have grown turnover by 50%.Profits up by 300%... And best of all NO bank sharing in the success.

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Meet your advisor and coach on your journey to success

Cameron McGregor

Bcom, FCA
Business Coach and Advisor

High profile businessman, 16 years chair of Auckland Rugby League (owners of the New Zealand Warriors and Carlaw Heritage Trust), Cameron McGregor has been a chartered accountant and business owner for more than 30 years.
“Know your numbers,” says Cameron. “And make sure those numbers are based on quality data. If you input crap, you’re going to get crap out.”
An advisor to some of New Zealand’s most successful businesses and entrepreneurs, Cameron offers experience, powerful insights, tools and strategies to help you on your way to enough cash, and enough wealth to invest back in your business or other assets, so that you can earn the financial freedom you’re entitled to.

Accountability, filling the gaps and finding new solutions

Your reasons for starting a business may be wide and varied – perhaps you recognised an opportunity, wanted greater freedom or you started out as a really good technician. However, the reality is that you can’t be good at everything. You need support. Whether it’s in operations, marketing, financials, HR or just a like-minded sounding board, MGB Advisory can help fill the gaps.

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The tools to give you the insights you need

Having tools like Xero is a good thing, but your inputs will determine the quality of data you get out the other end. Not only can MGB Advisory help you get good quality information from tools like Xero, we’ll also deploy tools like Financial X-Ray – a one-page summary of the business progress and results. Talk to us today about the professional tools MGB Advisory uses to help you take control of your analytics and reporting, cash flow position, receivables, payables and expenses.

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Take our business health test today

Like your body’s temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure, your company has vital signs – revenue, profitability and cash flow – that can be checked, improved and monitored to give you insights on how your business is performing.

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MGB draws on the power of our wider group

Founded in 1948, McGregor Baily is an Auckland chartered accounting firm that understands people, business and the stories that the numbers tell. In addition to full-service accounting capabilities – including management accounting, IRD compliance, payroll, company set-up and business performance – the firm is committed to your business and your personal financial health.Vastly experienced and expert, McGregor Bailey advises businesses on strategies that can help you succeed, and when times are challenging, we’ll be with you to protect your interests.

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Don't take our word for it see what our clients have to say

Cameron McGregor has been my accountant for nearly all of the 42 years I have been in business.  He and his team have provided us with great financial advice over the years which has seen my business grow from the garage, to  a multi-million dollar exporting operation.

More specifically, he has helped us to create a business structure that has protected my wealth and will allow me to retire in financial comfort – soon.  He has been my friend and trusted advisor, which has allowed me to concentrate on my engineering strengths of building the industry leader Kinghitter Postdrivers.

He and his team have helped us focus on both financial and personal goals for our business and the actions required to achieve those outcomes.  Since the outset, they have become an invaluable part of our external team and great support to us in many areas.
Jim Fairbrother - Kinghitter Postdrivers