Growth Hub May 2020

MGB Business Growth Hub - Survive – Pivot/Adapt – Thrive Webinar: Leading successfully through the crisis

May 2020

In each MGB Business Growth Hub workshop we seek to inject new thinking about leadership high performance.  This round, we looked at being an effective leader during the current crisis and how to survive, pivot/adapt and thrive as leaders navigate themselves, teams and businesses through this challenging period.


We discussed effective leadership, a topic that has been adapted from the originally planned Face-to-Face topic of ‘Leadership 2025’, which is shown in the latest Mindshop Business Leader report ‘The Authentic Leader’ to be of concern to many business leaders.


With high uncertainty in local and global markets due to the impact of Corona virus, we looked at leadership attributes and capabilities that you need to focus on and hone in the months ahead to navigate through the crisis.


Topics and strategies discussed included:

1.       The roadmap for businesses through this current crisis

2.       What strategies can you embrace based on the severity of impact to your business

3.       What are the four attributes of leaders successfully navigating this crisis

4.       Wha tis working for your peers in navigating the crisis

5.       What key actions you should be taking over the next 30 days

Overall a terrific day was had by all to point each leader in the right direction for greater success in 2020.


If you’re interested in joining our practical,high-value learning sessions we would like to invite you to join us at the next MGB Business Growth Hub in June please contact to register.

Link to webinar video