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Many business owners do not fully understand business financials, financial technicalities and cash flow cycles when it comes to running a business effectively and profitably. The term ‘cash flow’ is used in so many different forms, that it will mean something different to you.

In this program, you will learn and be coached through how to execute a financial health check on your business on a quarterly cycle. Understand the relationship between Cashflow vs Profitability vs Revenue Growth vs Return. The business owner will be shown how to utilise the skills learned and frameworks provided to understand the financial health of their own business.

This course will ensure you keep your business fit (profitable) throughout it’s life and improve owner financials skills and confidence.


  • Financial Health Check for your business
  • Understanding Financial Statements – Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets and Management Accounts
  • Cash flow and free cash flow management
  • Financial Insights methodology and tool to measure true financial performance
  • Techniques on debt reduction and creditor management.
  • Budgets and Cashflow
  • Profit Management and growth
  • Understand how banks measure performance and improve banker confidence
  • Understanding EBIT, EBITDA and ROI
  • The Golden 1%

Participants Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to read financial and management accounts
  • Learn how to use and uncover financial blind spots in reporting
  • Business owner will gain a sound understanding of Cash flow and Free Cash flow
  • Learn to use and understand how a Budget and cashflow can improve your business performance
  • Improve Debt management
  • Learn how to do trend analysis on reports year on year
  • Understand what Banks look for to measure business performance
  • Effectively manage potential cash flow lock up to service debts
  • Learn how to measure the businesses true financial performance
  • Understand how the Golden 1% improves your business profitability by 24%

12 months which includes:

  1. Initial 2-3 hour session to analyse business and prepare budget & cashflow
  2. 4 x 2 hour Business Sessions Quarterly
  3. 1 hour Coaching Workshops Yearly
To make a booking please contact Cameron McGregor on 09 378 8388 or to discuss your training needs.