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COVID-19 Support

One on one customised facilitated training & support for business owners during the Covid 19 pandemic.
The sessions will develop strategies & actions around three levels of scenario planning. The three levels being low, medium & high impact on the business from the pandemic. The process involves three steps:

Step one NOW
Where is the business now?

  • Use of our GPS diagnostic tool to pinpoint key issues & opportunities
  • Identifying key challenges
  • What are the major business concerns?
  • Potential opportunities

Step Two Where
What is the vision for the business?

  • Update the vision based on the findings from now analysis
  • Look at the 3 levels of scenarios for where
  • Use of Pestle factors when considering each scenario.

Step Three How

  • What are the strategies & actions to bridge the gap between Now & Where?
  • Develop a one page plan for each of the three scenarios.
  • Test each scenario to identify risks, cost reduction & any growth opportunities.

Expected learning outcomes are;
1. Have a plan & strategies ready for implementation as different outcomes from Covid 19 emerge.
2. Confidence that the business can survive in the short & medium term.
3. Preparation of a future vision for the business
4. Content will be customised depending on customer needs.
5 .Identifying critical success factors for the business.
6. Preparation of a high level financial business model.

Price:Hourly rate of $250 excluding GST
The delivery of this service will be by the use of Microsoft Teams or Zoom during lock down

To make a booking please contact Cameron McGregor on 09 378 8388 or to discuss your training needs.