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Lean Manufacturing/Business Operations

Outlines and helps a business through the 7 common causes of waste in any organisation. These were identified by Toyota to help minimise their costs, improve profitability and improve operational efficiency. This process is designed to assist develop the specific actions to address the highest priority issues and dollar impact on any business from the 7 wastes. The workshops pinpoint specific wastes for each business in each of the 7 areas.

The 7 wastes are:

  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Transport
  • Inappropriate processing
  • Excessive inventory
  • Motion and defects

The outcomes for each business are specific actions with the largest dollar impact to improve profitability.

These sessions are run as up to 4 workshops for business owners & their management team.

Up to 10 hours $2500 - $7500 Plus GST depending on the size of operations

To make a booking please contact Cameron McGregor on 09 378 8388 or to discuss your training needs.